The Italian Association for Technology and Environment
A.I.T.A. mission is to promote environmental issues leveraging innovative technologies through the development and diffusion of logistic and instrumental structures related to the eco-technologies. AITA carries on his mission by supporting training programs in the field of Technical-Environmental professional skills and triggering new job opportunities in several cross related areas. AITA has created a special project centred on the relation which exists between the use of telematic technologies, integrated with concepts of communication of multimedial languages, and the defence of the environment highlighting the scientific, economic and productive links between technology and environment.


Hainan Tourism Development Planning Academy, Hainan Province, CHINA II
Supports the local government of Hainan for the comptences in the tourist sector and the development of the plan .

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Principal Partner

Provincia di Avellino - Dipartimento Politiche Comunitarie - Italy  Provincia di Avellino is the provincial authority responsible for tourism development, urban and strategic planning and economic development. It has recently completed a strategic regional tourism plan for the province under the RECITE II programme’s ECOSERT (European COoperation for Sustainable Environmental Regional development through Tourism) project. The Provincia has also created a network of local and national authorities on river management and set up training projects with the National Rivers Authority to disseminate technical knowledge leading to the training and management of the Sabato River.

Associated  Partner

Cheshire County Council- Environmental Planning Service-United Kingdom Cheshire County Council is the strategic planning authority for Cheshire and is responsible for preparing sub-regional socio-economic plans and policies as well as a county structure plan. The county authority has various departments including those related to town planning, which will be actively involved in EUTOU. The authority also oversaw a strategic regional tourism plan for parts of Cheshire which was co-funded by the European Commission.

Associated Partner - Asian -

Hainan Provincial Tourism Administration, Hainan Province, CHINA. Hainan Provincial Tourism Administration’s Planning Division is responsible for overseeing the Tourism Master Plan for Hainan Province, China and for guiding and planning the distribution of tourism development in local areas, notably Wuzhishan City which has been designated as a priority planning area for regenerating tourism and the area’s socio-economic decline. The Administration is responsible for advising and preparing tourism development plans at city and county level. HPTA’s staff has experience of tourism planning as well as town planning, architecture, management, finance, business and administration. Its skills are complemented by the Hainan Tourism Development Planning Academy.

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